Worthy Of Such Devotion - The SHAK Story

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Worthy Of Such Devotion - The SHAK Story Summary

"A conscientiously written, captivating story of one mans refusal to accept what sadly, many choose to see as inevitable. He learns the hard way that second chances can be stolen in a moment, resulting in lives lost and unforgiving memories that haunt forever. But those same torturous memories can become a driving force for change. Stephen has lived hand to mouth like the many dogs that cross Stephens path, but pure conviction and spirit along with the much needed generosity of others, allows him to save lives. Each new wagging tail that would otherwise be lifeless is surely testament that all things are possible?" Liesa Clark - Songwriter, Poet & Animal Rescuer.

The story of Stephen Wylie and his vision that has become the SHAK we all love. Featuring some of the wonderful dogs that have been saved along the way and the amazing people who have helped, all expertly captured in words by Robert McGowan.

"About nine months ago I received a letter from a man who had stumbled across my mam fundraising outside Pets At Home. He had been intrigued by the work we do and by the story behind why I founded the charity you all now know as SHAK.

That man was Robert MacGowan, published author of Jessica's Grandad and Hamsters In The Park. We met at HQ for an initial meeting, before months of Costa Coffee and unearthing some memories I'd buried deep inside. Everyone has had an effect on what I stand for now, but more importantly what the charity stands for today.

The result is a book called Worthy Of Such Devotion, excellently written and covering both the life of myself and the charity I created in the memory of my best friend.

The release date is still a couple of weeks away, but we are now offering you the chance to pre-order your copy now.....

As well as being one of the first to read why we are what we are, pre-ordering means your copy will be signed by both Rob and myself!  

Thank you in advance, thank you Rob, thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and thank you Shak for making me do this."

Stephen Wylie.
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